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Oil Price Outlook: Inflation Poses a Risk to Energy Demand

The timing of the current pullback in oil, just as US inflation hit a 30-year high might be instructive. Is high inflation starting to pose a risk to the demand outlook for oil? 


Gold & Silver Outlook: Time for the Classic Inflation Hedge?

Inflation is rising across the globe and precious metals are renowned as a hedge against inflation. Nonetheless the Gold & Silver price action has been muted. What to do?


Energy sector outperformance and European upsides

Booming commodities, and upside potential for European energy majors suggest energy cyclical outperformance could continue into the next year.  


Brent Crude Oil at $80: Trading the UK Fuel Crisis

Pandemonium is breaking out across the UK with around two thirds of petrol stations completely dry of fuel and the government putting the army on standby. What does this mean for Brent crude oil?


The link between stubbornly high US inflation and surging commodities

US inflation data has been critical for the market outlook and what the Fed does next, perhaps none more than commodities. After a multi-month pause, are commodity prices ready to resume the early 2021 rally?


BHP is not pro ESG, it just has petroleum unit problems...

BHP buys itself a $5.7B dollar potash mine, and looks to rid itself of its oil-and-gas liabilities. The firm wants to go full-on mining and say goodbye to oil, but do not be fooled, this move is about efficiency, and not the ...


Plant-based fish as the next big opportunity?

One of the fastest growing segments of plant-based food is not on land, but in the sea! Here’s a quick overview of the alt-fish situation for investors who might have missed the alt-meat and dairy boom.


Saudi Aramco's record net income on Q2 earnings explained

Aramco is the world's largest oil company, but Aramco is also more than just an oil company; it's a beacon of light for the Saudi Arabian economy. Its Q2 net income nabs at 2018 levels--a time of former glory and its IPO--why?


Tractor Supply Co. – Selling everything you need to start a farm

Want to start a chicken farm for $30? Look no further, as Tractor Supply has got everything you need. The do it yourself trend brought by the pandemic has greatly benefited the company, here's how they're doing.


Are rising coffee futures prices a passing fever?

Should consumers expect a surge in the retail price of coffee? Recent constraints and market players suggest otherwise, but for how long can they incur the cost? Tchibo already threw in the towel.


Oil prices rise, Nasdaq's record, a reversal in U.S. equities: our Top 10 stories of the week

Read the top 10 stories to remember the week which ended July 2nd.


Top 5 Investing Bubbles & Busts of 2021 (Meme stocks, Crypto, NFTs, SPACS, Lumber – it was crazy!)

Nobody can argue that the first half of 2021 has been one of the most exciting (excessive?) times for investing in recent memory. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 investing bubbles and busts in H1 with a preview for H2.


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