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The link between stubbornly high US inflation and surging commodities

US inflation data has been critical for the market outlook and what the Fed does next, perhaps none more than commodities. After a multi-month pause, are commodity prices ready to resume the early 2021 rally?


How to Trade Gold | XAU Trading for Beginners

As one of the oldest forms of money, people instinctually want to trade gold. Learn the different types of gold trading possible and what moves the gold market.


Are rising coffee futures prices a passing fever?

Should consumers expect a surge in the retail price of coffee? Recent constraints and market players suggest otherwise, but for how long can they incur the cost? Tchibo already threw in the towel.


Top 5 Investing Bubbles & Busts of 2021 (Meme stocks, Crypto, NFTs, SPACS, Lumber – it was crazy!)

Nobody can argue that the first half of 2021 has been one of the most exciting (excessive?) times for investing in recent memory. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 investing bubbles and busts in H1 with a preview for H2.


Top 5 energy commodity performers of 2021

After years of disappointment, commodity markets are now boiling hot! In fact, four fifths of commodities have seen their prices surpass ...


Investing in the water thematic: Sink or Swim?

Pavan Sukhdev, a leading environmental economists said, ‘’We use nature because it is valuable—but we lose it because it is free’’. Investing in water projects and monetizing the commodity is difficult because valuing water is subject to ...

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Is ARK’s Cathie Wood Right that a Commodities Market Crash is Coming?

Cathie Wood didn’t use the word 'crash' in fairness, she said "We will have a very serious correction in commodity prices" once the global economy fully reopens.


Soaring prices for agricultural commodities: should we fear social unrest?

The prices of wheat, soybeans, corn and other food commodities are exploding. Ten years after the Arab Spring, a similar scenario could repeat itself, but this time on a global scale.


I like chocolate; how can I invest in cocoa?

For Easter, we wanted to give you insights on a fascinating industry as well as hints on how you could invest a part of your portfolio in cocoa.


Factories will struggle to keep up with rising demand

As vaccines are rolling out and social distancing measures are loosening up, the economy is getting back on track. However, we have rarely seen such a quick recovery, and many companies struggle to adapt to the new cruising speed.


The Reddit WallStreetBets case for silver at $75 per oz.

An old but succinct argument for a higher price of silver has been made. The difference this time is that the Reddit WallStreetBets retail ...


What to know about Lithium and its role in the EV future

Lithium demand has been increasing as the future of electric cars batteries relies in part on this chemical element. In this article, FlowBank answers your questions on the Lithium ecosystem and future:


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S&P 500 futures dipped under their 50-day MA

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Energy prices are on the rise, with an direct impact on global inflation

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Operating profit margin for the S&P at an all-time high of 13.5%