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Gold jumps to one month high

Gold has been trading sideways or down for almost two years, while inflation is at multi-decade highs. Why are safe haven investments and so-called inflation hedging assets performing poorly while global inflation is ...

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The Nat Gas Sell Off Looks Overdone

In the commodities space, dominating trader chat heading into the final months of the year is the reversal in the price of Nat Gas (Natural Gas). 


Crude Oil Starts Q4 Well - Is the Bottom in?

Volatility is one of the main reasons traders are drawn to trading oil. ‘Black gold’, as it is often referred to in trading circles, is notorious for outsized price swings when compared with more typically stable assets such as ...


Traders’ Positioning Shows Preference for Silver vs Gold Price

Action in the metals market is heating up. Gold prices have broken down to fresh lows for the year over the last week while silver prices have remained well supported.


Falling European Energy Prices & Market Sentiment

The energy crisis has ballooned into one of the key economic factors of 2022. With rising global inflation and the so-called cost-of-living crisis dominating headlines, rising gas prices are front and centre for markets. 


Crude Oil Price: Weak Growth & Energy Rationing

There has been a significant breakdown in crude oil prices this week. WTI crude fell below $90 while Brent is back under the psychologically and technically significant $100 level.

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What Will it Take for Gold to Turnaround?

Gold prices have suffered sharply across 2022 with the market pulling back from initial strength to sink around 18% from YTD highs, now down around 7% from the yearly open.


Are oil bulls capitulating?

The Federal Reserve is choosing to go after inflation even at the risk of tilting the economy into a recession, a move that is weighing on oil prices, the only asset still up more than 40% year-to-date (27/06/2022). ...


Could gold have further room to run?

Gold prices started the year on a strong foot, along with oil prices outperforming all other asset classes in a turbulent market environment. However, six months later, there has been some mixed price action lately, ...

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Queen's Jubilee Platinum Price Outlook

For fans of the British Royal Family, it’s more than likely you’re aware of what’s special about the coming week. Brits will enjoy an extended bank holiday weekend and it’s the reason for this double-length break that is special; the Queen’s ...

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Silver at 21-month lows can't catch a break with USD this strong

Silver prices have plunged by more than 20% this year from YTD highs, reversing all the 2021 gains. Looking ahead, silver bugs face a big challenge. With silver prices now falling under major, multi-year support, can the price ...

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China lockdowns might have killed the base metals bull

Base metals have experienced outsized price moves this year. What next for these commodities in the light of the negative US GDP print and covid lockdowns in China?


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