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Silver at 21-month lows can't catch a break with USD this strong

Silver prices have plunged by more than 20% this year from YTD highs, reversing all the 2021 gains. Looking ahead, silver bugs face a big challenge. With silver prices now falling under major, multi-year support, can the price ...

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China lockdowns might have killed the base metals bull

Base metals have experienced outsized price moves this year. What next for these commodities in the light of the negative US GDP print and covid lockdowns in China?


What is driving soft commodities?

Supply and inflationary pressures have spread across agricultural markets, with prices for soft commodities including sugar, coffee, and cocoa all well up double digits since early 2020. What are the drivers? And is ...


Oil price: SPR release and Iran deal to overcome Russian shortfall?

One of the key market themes of 2022 has been excessive volatility in oil markets with the war in Ukraine, a record SPR release, OPEC and a new Iran deal all active considerations.


Gold & Silver Outlook: A Recession Signal & Haven Flows

It’s been a volatile month for gold and silver prices, driven up and down by haven flows, a Fed rate hike and potential supply disruptions. What comes next?


More shocks to Russia-linked Commodities coming?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, now in its fourth week, has taken centre-stage as the main focus point for traders – with the extra volatility very much concentrated in commodity markets. Russia is a major supplier of oil, natural gas, ...


Is Copper the new Oil?

Last year, commodities including copper witnessed one of their best annual rallies since 2009. Last week, the red metal made a new all-time high as geopolitical tensions set a fire under major metals. But has it ...


Agriculture tech: A bright future ahead

Agriculture technologies helping generate greater yields and lessen the environmental impact are positioned for a bright future. What are the top technologies for modernising agriculture and potential ...


Does $100 oil depend on Russia?

Oil prices have booked gains for eight straight weeks amid heightened geopolitical risk but this week could be the first weekly decline since mid-December, possibly opening the door to a deeper pullback.


Is gold still attractive?

While rate hikes can create headwinds for gold, history shows the impact may be limited. In fact, the past two gold bull cycles began with the Fed raising interest rates (2004, 2015).


European LNG prices turn parabolic. What happened?

European liquid natural gas (LNG) prices are back at record highs over the threat of supply disruptions from Russia as the country sabre rattles with Ukraine and NATO.


Oil Price Outlook: Inflation Poses a Risk to Energy Demand

The timing of the current pullback in oil, just as US inflation hit a 30-year high might be instructive. Is high inflation starting to pose a risk to the demand outlook for oil? 


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