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Are Low US Equity Risk Premiums Really Bearish for Stocks?

US equity risk premium has reached its lowest point in a decade, reminiscent of the period just before the Global Financial Crisis. That doesn’t sound good, but are things different this time?

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Is India the biggest growth opportunity for tech giants?

According to some estimates, India is poised on the precipice of a tech explosion many are comparing to their own Industrial Revolution.

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What are the Top 3 Sustainability Tech Trends in 2023?

The popularity of high growth investment themes like tech and sustainability waned significantly in 2022. Is now the time to take advantage of long-term mega trends?

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What's in store for commodities in 2023?

Commodities are getting interesting again. The benchmark commodity index is in a bear market, down more than 20% from its 2022 high, is this the time for bulls to jump back in?

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2022: A difficult year for ESG

ESG has attracted trillions of dollars in investments. But performances have not quite followed through this year amid the difficult market environment, energy sector outperformance, and tech underperformance. ...

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MonthlyFlow - Overview 2023

Pause and assess

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MonthlyFlow - November 2022

Pause and assess

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MonthlyFlow - October 2022

Is a bottom near?: Markets continue to worry about overtightening and recession

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How are central banks affecting your mortgage?

Wild currency moves and rapidly rising interest rates have added to the economic challenges consumers face. But how exactly do central banks affect your mortgage and what does the future hold? And as a homeowner, ...

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MonthlyFlow - September 2022

There wasn’t going to be a pivot: The FED crushed any hope of a "dovish pivot", but this should not be a ...

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If the US sneezes...

With a second consecutive quarter of negative growth, the question of a US recession is becoming a hotly debated topic. But, in our view, it would be hasty to declare defeat. Indeed, if you look more closely, you ...

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MonthlyFlow - August 2022

Signs of disinflation are starting to appear, but may take time to materialise