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MonthlyFlow - October 2022

       Is a bottom near?: Markets continue to worry about overtightening and recession

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How are central banks affecting your mortgage?

Wild currency moves and rapidly rising interest rates have added to the economic challenges consumers face. But how exactly do central banks affect your mortgage and what does the future hold? And as a homeowner, ...

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MonthlyFlow - September 2022

       There wasn’t going to be a pivot: The FED crushed any hope of a "dovish pivot", but this should not be a ...

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If the US sneezes...

With a second consecutive quarter of negative growth, the question of a US recession is becoming a hotly debated topic. But, in our view, it would be hasty to declare defeat. Indeed, if you look more closely, you ...

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MonthlyFlow - August 2022

Signs of disinflation are starting to appear, but may take time to materialise

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Summer Trading: Calm or just the Storm?

With traders in the Northern hemisphere now entering the summer period, a key question is around market volatility. Will market action in July and August be calmer or will the recent volatility continue?

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What is Warren Buffett buying?

The recent top buys of one of the most successful investors could offer perspectives as the outlook is uncertain. And, could the Warren Buffett ‘formula’ help us step into his shoes, to attempt to highlight which ...

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MonthlyFlow - July 2022

Markets remain laser-focused on inflation and ensuing tightening risks to growth

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MonthlyFlow - June 2022

As bond markets move away from recession calls, equities take over

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Investing takeaway from the Q1 earnings season

Underneath the surface, earnings reports revealed a tremendous number of clues about the rapidly changing economic landscape. Who are the winners and losers and what does it mean for stocks? ...

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Why the S&P500 equal weight could be a wise choice

There is a lot of merit in the traditional capital-weighted S&P500, but it also comes with risks as it is heavily skewed towards today’s winner. Could the equal-weighted S&P500 offer a broader ...

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MonthlyFlow - May 2022

While sentiment is very negative, markets are reacting less to war headlines


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