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Do I Need a Financial Advisor? Or is DIY Investing Better?

Should you put in the time to learn investing yourself or should you hire a financial advisor? This is a question every investor faces. We lay out the reasons for and against here.

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How to Buy Stocks: Step-by-Step Instructions

Buying stocks might be intimidating, however, it isn’t as complicated as it seems. It needs research and a little bit of practice to learn the process, but once you get the hang of it, you are set to go.

investing basics

6 Top reasons to start investing early

You are contemplating whether you should start investing and want to know why it might be a good idea. Then, this article is for you.


July's modest gains, upbeat US earnings stocks, Chinese stocks crash and cryptos bouncing back: our top 10 stories of the week

Read the top 10 stories to remember the week which ended July 30th.


WEEK AHEAD: Non-farm Payrolls, Bank of England & All Eyes on China

Prepare for trading markets over the next five days with the FlowBank Week ahead report:


The story behind the Chinese stock sell-off & why it might not be over

Chinese tech stocks are experiencing a sell-off as concerns around regulatory crackdowns continue. To understand what caused investors to doubt their tech holdings, let’s have a look at the Chinese tech industry itinerary that led the country to a market crash!


Pay debt or invest? | Checklist to Help Decide

You’ve discovered the world of investing and you feel ready to get started but you still have debts to pay. What to do depends on your situation.

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Philip Morris wants to go “smoke free”: what does that really mean?

“In 10 years, we can completely solve the problem of smoking cigarettes,” said Jacek Olczak, CEO of Philip Morris International. But what does this statement mean? How can a company betray its main product?


How to Start Investing | 5 Simple Steps

These 5 simple steps take out the confusion and intimidating words with a simple guide to start investing for beginners.


Tips for Beginner Investors: How to Invest $100

While $100 may seem like a small sum, no amount is too small to start investing. Cash that sleeps in the bank always loses value in the long-term. Being even slightly invested can preserve or gain wealth.


Passive investing vs. Active investing: which is right for you?

What if you could invest in the markets without too much effort? Well, that can be done with passive investing. However, is this strategy the right fit for you? That is to be discovered!


Intel facing mounting competition in a never ending chip shortage

A semiconductor shortage that could stretch well into 2023, a once Silicon Valley semiconductor ruler seeing a lot of pressure, and the US government offering support.


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Bank of Thailand holds rates at record lows

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WATCH: SEC Chair Gary Gensler on Crypto regulation

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Traveloka in talks to raise up to $400 million for SPAC deal