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Avoid these 7 Classic CFD trading Mistakes!

How can one person be consistently profitable at CFD trading while another person can’t? We are all human, so it comes down to overcoming these very human mistakes.

BitcoinElon Musk

Has Elon Musk missed the point about Bitcoin and the Environment?

Billionaire Elon Musk did a shock 180 degree on his decision to let customers buy their new Tesla with Bitcoin. But was he right to do so? What is Bitcoin’s real environmental impact?


Diem explained—a new payment infrastructure and private-sector stablecoin?

Formerly known as Libra, Diem is positioning itself as a neutral piece of infrastructure facilitating innovative approaches to payments.

TechnologyHealthStartupThe Swiss Series

The Swiss Series: MindMaze treats neurological conditions with video games

You may have heard about it because it is Swiss or backed by Leonardo DiCaprio. MindMaze offers a revolutionary way to treat patients with neurological conditions, with the help of videogame software. And it seems to be working very well.

CommoditiesCathie Wood

Is ARK’s Cathie Wood Right that a Commodities Market Crash is Coming?

Cathie Wood didn’t use the word 'crash' in fairness, she said "We will have a very serious correction in commodity prices" once the global economy fully reopens.


Is the impact of the covid resurgence on Indian markets overhyped?

Indian markets are facing headwinds from a pandemic resurgence that has spooked foreign investors, and inflation threats loom. But falling Indian share prices could provide opportunities for those looking through the pandemic.

Roblox stock surged on upbeat growth figures

Roblox made quite some noise after releasing their first quarterly report. Their revenue more than doubled, however, they showed a wider loss for the period. How is the company doing and what challenges might they be facing going forward?


Banks are waking up to the threat from crypto platforms

The old banking days seem to be over. Many people are switching to a "do-it-yourself" alternative and picking up an interest in cryptocurrency, a new asset class with which some banks seem to be a little late in the race. Will crypto platforms simply beat traditional banks or will these be complementary?

CryptocurrenciesAsset AllocationBlockchain

Positioning cryptos into a global portfolio

The time has come to address a taboo subject: the inclusion of cryptocurrencies in diversified portfolios.

Asset Allocation

The week ahead: all eyes on inflation data

Read the key events to monitor for the week which starts on May 10, 2021.  

Asset Allocation

Commodities & cryptos surged, dollar dumped while Tech underperformed - our top 10 stories of the week.

Read the 10 stories to remember from the week which ended May, 7th 2021.  

ForexForex TraderForex Trading

What does a forex trader do? | What is forex trading?

If you have ever wondered what a forex trader does, read this quick blog that explains what is forex trading and the job of a forex trader.