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What is a short squeeze? GameStop example

There's been an explosion of activity in the most shorted stocks caused by short-sellers being forced to cover in a short squeeze. What is a short squeeze?

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What to know about Lithium and its role in the EV future

Lithium demand has been increasing as the future of electric cars batteries relies in part on this chemical element. In this article, FlowBank answers your questions on the Lithium ecosystem and future:

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Biden paving the way for Infrastructure ETFs

If Biden succeeds where Trump and Obama failed in their promises to upgrade American infrastructure with new spending, these ETFS could benefit.

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Two types of cult stocks and why these can go up the roof

Fuel Cell Energy and Plug Power both went up 500% in the past 6 months, despite mediocre earnings and negative profits. How can the market allow this and what are the outcomes to expect in the long term?

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The week ahead: Apple, Tesla, Facebook & Microsoft Earnings, the Fed and U.S Q4 GDP

Read the key events to monitor for the week which starts on January 25, 2021.  

Asset Allocation

The 10 stories to remember from last week: it was all about "B"s... Biden, "Big" Yellen, Big Tech, Bullion and (battered) Bitcoin

Read the 10 stories to remember from the week which ended January 22, 2021.  

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FoodTech coming in hot! JustKitchen uses cloud tech to facilitate food delivery

The restaurant industry is seeing a rough and unprecedented era, but cloud kitchens are offering a way out. JustKitchen is capitalizing on a blooming food delivery ecosystem with its own cloud technology.

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Trucking stocks in 2021: profits on the road?

We often talk about the e-commerce surge with people buying even more goods since less money can be spent on services. Let us not forget about one element of the supply chain making all of this possible: transport, and more specifically, trucking companies.

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5 Hong Kong stocks to know as investors rush into the Hang Seng Index

Today the Hang Seng Index jumped to 30,135 points as traders and funds begin to rush into the index. Will the HSI surpass its previous January 2018 high of 33,223?

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Top Tweets of the day: Cryptos crash as Bitcoin tests $31k, and more

Find out about our selection of the top tweets of the day #markets #macroeconomics #technicalanalysis 

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Will volatile forex pairs in 2020 be best currencies to trade in 2021?

Given the massive forex volatility of 2020, for the New Year, it pays toreview the performance of the most volatile forex pairs to visualise the price trends and the possibility of reversals.

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Coal, an unloved and fading commodity

With more and more government and leading companies pledging to go carbon neutral by 2060 or earlier, coal investing is becoming less and less popular. Is there any investment opportunities left in the commodity?