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Greenback on track

After retreating in October, the US dollar could see renewed support from rising real yields and stronger US growth. Yes, supply chains and inflation continue to put a damper on the horizon, but we wouldn’t ...


Supply chain bottlenecks: is the end in sight?

The good news is that the global economy is recovering. The bad news is that supply is not matching this demand. First, companies were not prepared for the speed and scale of the recovery. Second, with ongoing Covid risks disrupting production, ...

MacroEarningseconomic calendar

Tesla & Netflix Earnings plus China GDP data | THE WEEK AHEAD

A preview of the news, earnings, and economic data to expect in the week ahead. This week includes Q3 earnings (highlights including Tesla and Netflix), China releases 3rd quarter GDP data, the UK, the Eurozone and Canada release CPI ...


This Might be Another Bitcoin ETF Red Herring

The price of Bitcoin has just struck a 5-month high. A lot of the optimism centres around the possible approval of a Bitcoin ETF in the United States this year. But are the SEC really ready to approve one?

EnergyEuropeClean Energy

Energy sector outperformance and European upsides

Booming commodities, and upside potential for European energy majors suggest energy cyclical outperformance could continue into the next year.  

MacroWeek Ahead

THE WEEK AHEAD: Q3 Earnings Season Starts & Fed Minutes

A preview of the news, earnings, and economic data to expect in the week ahead. This week includes the start of earnings season with big banks reporting Q3 results, Federal Reserve minutes as well as US and China inflation stats. The price of ...


NFT sales surged in Q3

NFT sales are killing it, with a 704% growth from the previous quarter to $10.7 billion. Are NFTs more than just a flash in the pan?


What is Stagflation? | Guide to Stagflationary investing

Famed economist Nouriel Roubini is warning that the global economy could face stagflation. But what is stagflation? And why is it such a worry?

StocksBondsAsset Allocation

Did September kill the 60/40 portfolio? – Asset Allocation

While investing 60% in equities and 40% in bonds was a safe play for decades, this strategy has faced some obstacles in recent weeks. But should we forget decades of results or just hold steady and look through the noise? Are there ways to ...


Rising risks to Chinese growth threatens short-term equities outlook

It seems as though buying the dip has been the name of the game, with China being the surprising exception, at least for the short run. Is there a value rotation at play? 

MacroWeek Aheadeconomic calendar

OPEC+ Meeting, NFP & Q4 Begins | THE WEEK AHEAD

A preview of the news, earnings, and economic data to expect in the week ahead. This week includes the an OPEC meeting, the September non-farm payrolls report, rate decisions from the RBA and RBNZ, while markets continue to focus on rising bond ...


Global Market Weekly Recap: Top 10 Market Graphs (week ended: 01/10)

Flash recap ⚡


5 hours ago

Core inflation in the Euro Area at its highest since December 2008

1 day ago

Housing starts are down in the US

1 day ago

Some treasury yields back at their Q1 2020 levels