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Global Minimum Tax: 3 Reasons to Keep your FAANG Tech Stocks

2021 has been dubbed the reopening reflation year, and as such cyclical stocks have mostly outperformed big tech. Will a Global Minimum tax put a top in FAANG?


Killing the internet for an hour: Fastly’s “Error 503 Service Unavailable”

Error, no connection! Dozens of websites went dark for about an hour. And we have found the guilty party: a $6 billion, San Francisco based start-up named Fastly. What happened?

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Twitter Blue: is the subscription model worth $360M?

Twitter is right to seek out new revenues streams like a subscription model for the most prolific of users. Twitter’s desire to target tester markets like Canada and Australia to launch Twitter Blue raises some flags, but a US and European implementation could generate significant revenues.


Lyft capturing mobility’s resurgence

Face it, sometimes, there is no way to drive and ride-hailing solutions like Lyft and Uber are the way to go. But what is Lyft up to these days?


Netflix and video games: noble pursuit or fool’s errand?

Netflix is reportedly looking to enter the video game business! We explore both the pros and cons of this initiative; while it is unclear if it will come to fruition, there are ways for it to work, and the market is highly lucrative.


The reasons why the Vimeo IPO flopped

Is Vimeo the first tech growth firm to see a flopped IPO? Of course not. Are they the first to seriously challenge YouTube? Yes. But to challenge Goliath when you’re David, you need to make sure you have the right weapons and strategy to do so.


Tech inception--rotation within technology stocks

We have all witnessed a major tech sell-off occurring this past week. However, are all technology stocks victims of this trend?

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The Swiss Series: MindMaze treats neurological conditions with video games

You may have heard about it because it is Swiss or backed by Leonardo DiCaprio. MindMaze offers a revolutionary way to treat patients with neurological conditions, with the help of videogame software. And it seems to be working very well.


Charging stations have become a bottleneck to EV development

While EV sales keep soaring, we might have neglected the second step of the transformation: charging. Going for small trips close to home is easy, but how will governments and industry implement charging solutions to satisfy long-distance needs? Everyone seems to be very late on their schedule.


The boom of virtual real estate

Digital buildings and land that you can buy and sell in virtual games as NFTs for hundreds of thousands of dollars? No, you are not dreaming, this is all real.


Web3: towards data democracy? pt. 2

Web 3 has a mission—to give data ownership back to users. In this second part, learn about Web 3 use cases, where the trends are going, and what its limitations are today.


Web3: towards data democracy? pt.1

Broadly defined, Web3 is at the intersect of blockchain, decentralization and linked data—ultimately, its mission is to give data ownership back to the people.


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