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How Can Investors Gain Exposure to AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly emerging as one of the most exciting and fast developing areas of the tech sector. Once the preserve of sci-fi movies and theoretical conversations, AI has been steadily becoming more prominent in recent ...


ChatGPT set to disrupt various industries

Since its release at the end of November, ChatGPT has gone viral, gaining its first million members in less than a week. Speculation over its ability to displace freelance writers and perhaps endanger Google's main ...

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Will 2023 be the Recovery Year for Tech Stocks?

The tech sector has seen huge volatility over 2022, bearing the brunt of the oscillations in Fed tightening expectations and the USD outlook. Looking at two of the leading tech benchmarks, the Nasdaq and the XLK (SPDR Tech fund), both are down on ...


Semis, should we be worried?

 The semi-stocks have suffered losses year so far due to various worries, including those about China, cyclicality, interest rates, supply chains, and export control. However, the negativity surrounding ...


Fast coffee: Should Nespresso be fearful of CoffeeB?

Swiss brand CoffeeB, developed by supermarket chain Migros, is making single-use coffee fully compostable via its pressed coffee balls invention. Will consumers abandon their Nespresso machines?


Virtual YouTubers: ANYCOLOR stock up 620%

Japanese entertainment company ANYCOLOR provides a new magical experience, fuelled by creativity and technology. Are virtual YouTubers and pop-idol culture here to stay?


Big Tech: What do Q3 earnings reveal?

US earnings have overall been strong and resilient so far. But the same cannot be said about Big Tech. And, a lot of attention should be given to Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alphabet, given their combined weight ...


Dating apps: fertile ground for innovation?

Dating apps offer a unique success story on their own. Discover the latest app novelties and whether the leading matchmaking apps could become key market darlings. And, is it time to ‘swipe right’?


Microsoft: The king at a discount

Risk assets are seeing a decline in valuations as macro pressures have led the Federal Reserve to pursue a very aggressive tightening monetary policy. Historically, environments of fear and panic selling have usually ...


AR/VR: the next frontier for tech giants?

The Augmented Reality (AR) market is expected to grow from USD22 billion in 2021 to USD88 billion in 2026, more than 30% annually. The tech giants are all involved, but who is leading the race?


Where will the Nasdaq bottom?

Why is the Nasdaq falling? The Nasdaq took a 5% hit last week after higher-than-expected US CPI data (8.3% vs 8.1% forecasted). The upside surprise was a discouraging read, going ...


Gaming: Opportunities hiding in plain sight?

Sales in the video gaming industry are tipped to grow by 50% in the next 5 years, with most of the growth coming from social & casual gaming. What could be the top trading opportunities to take advantage of ...


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