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Microsoft: The king at a discount

Risk assets are seeing a decline in valuations as macro pressures have led the Federal Reserve to pursue a very aggressive tightening monetary policy. Historically, environments of fear and panic selling have usually ...


AR/VR: the next frontier for tech giants?

The Augmented Reality (AR) market is expected to grow from USD22 billion in 2021 to USD88 billion in 2026, more than 30% annually. The tech giants are all involved, but who is leading the race?


Where will the Nasdaq bottom?

Why is the Nasdaq falling? The Nasdaq took a 5% hit last week after higher-than-expected US CPI data (8.3% vs 8.1% forecasted). The upside surprise was a discouraging read, going ...


Gaming: Opportunities hiding in plain sight?

Sales in the video gaming industry are tipped to grow by 50% in the next 5 years, with most of the growth coming from social & casual gaming. What could be the top trading opportunities to take advantage of ...


Are meme stocks back?

The meme stock phenomenon is visible again this year, with many “hyped” stocks with shaky fundamentals defying gravity. Are meme stocks back, and what could this tell us about recent retail participation in the ...


Short-term problems, long-term opportunities

The underwhelming quarterly earnings by major United States semiconductor companies over the last week paint a gloomy picture for the industry. Some analysts believe that the semiconductor boom could be coming to an ...


Innovation: a key driver for Apple

Despite the macro softness, Apple is showing resilience with new products launch acting as potential positive drivers for the stock. What are the new releases, and could innovations help drive the stock to new ...


Chinese chip producers are growing fast

China's chip industry is growing faster than anywhere else in the world, after US sanctions against local champions, from Huawei to Hikvision, whetted the appetite for local manufacturers.


Could Amazon disrupt healthcare?

Amazon has a strong track record in building new lines of business by starting with small acquisitions. Its latest push into healthcare is buying proximity primary care provider One Medical. Could amazon’s latest ...


Meta: primed for a bounce?

After shedding all its pandemic gains and more, expectations for META stock have been crushed. But after its steep fall, could it be primed for a bounce?


Should I buy or sell Bobst shares?

The main shareholder of Bobst Group SA, JBF Finance SA, which belongs to the Bobst family, launches a public tender offer for all Bobst shares held by the public. JBF Finance, which already holds 53% of the shares ...


Could travel stocks make a comeback?

Travel businesses are not short of challenges: airports passenger caps, staff shortages, surging oil prices, health restrictions, and slower growth… but holiday-booking marketplaces are proving resilient as ...


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