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Top 5 energy commodity performers of 2021

After years of disappointment, commodity markets are now boiling hot! In fact, four fifths of commodities have seen their prices surpass ...

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Carbon capture: why ESG investing and oil stocks are compatible

As more and more companies are pledging to reduce their carbon footprint, there is a new solution on the market: emulating trees in the air with a chemical reaction to capture carbon dioxide and ground it.


Cheaper and cleaner energy with smaller nuclear reactors

Creating energy with smaller nuclear plants the size of a garbage can? That is what the small modular reactor (SMR) technology offers. But what are SMRs and what are their advantages over conventional nuclear power plants?

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Oil just hit $60. Should I buy oil stocks now? #Unloved series

It’s hard to find a much more unloved sector than traditional energy BUT with Brent crude oil back above $60, there’s a case for buying oil stocks.


Coal, an unloved and fading commodity

With more and more government and leading companies pledging to go carbon neutral by 2060 or earlier, coal investing is becoming less and less popular. Is there any investment opportunities left in the commodity?


The Green Rush could be led by GE's monster wind turbine

They are so big that they are hard to photograph. GE has developed the most powerful and enormous wind turbine on the planet. What are they and how can they help GE gain their honor back?


OPEC Meeting preview: $50 oil coming soon?

A jump in the price of crude oil has added an extra twist to the coming OPEC+ decision about what to do with its production quotas.

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Oil rose 10% in one day, time to look again at Big Oil stocks

Oil sprung higher this week, given a new lease of life by promising vaccine news. The oil price gains make beaten up Big Oil ...


How clean energy & sustainability made NextEra worth more than Exxon

A deep-dive into NextEra, the dynamic clean and renewable energy company ...


China currency spikes in prep for Biden win – MARKETS

China's currency jumped by the most since 2016, Rolls Royce stock has doubled this week while oil prices rise more on Norwegian strikes.


Billionaire under 30 – the incredible success of Thomas Healy

The vote passed yesterday: Tortoise Acquisition Corp. merged with its Hyliion. Hyliion becomes Hyliion Holdings Corps and its ticker symbol changes from SHLL to HYLN on the New York Stock Exchange. Its founder is the youngest self-made ...


Shell is cutting costs and growing into a nimble company

Amidst the difficulties brought on by Covid-19 and the growing concern for the health of our beloved planet, Royal Dutch Shell is preparing for the switch to renewables.


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S&P 500 futures dipped under their 50-day MA

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Energy prices are on the rise, with an direct impact on global inflation

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Operating profit margin for the S&P at an all-time high of 13.5%