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What are the Top 3 Sustainability Tech Trends in 2023?

The popularity of high growth investment themes like tech and sustainability waned significantly in 2022. Is now the time to take advantage of long-term mega trends?

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Will Warren Buffett Buy Occidental Petroleum?

Oil prices are experiencing a downturn, with the global economy heading towards a possible recession and a crisis of confidence in the banking system. This led to a drop in oil prices and a sell-off of oil ...

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The Nat Gas Sell Off Looks Overdone

In the commodities space, dominating trader chat heading into the final months of the year is the reversal in the price of Nat Gas (Natural Gas).


Crude Oil Starts Q4 Well - Is the Bottom in?

Volatility is one of the main reasons traders are drawn to trading oil. ‘Black gold’, as it is often referred to in trading circles, is notorious for outsized price swings when compared with more typically stable assets such as ...


Falling European Energy Prices & Market Sentiment

The energy crisis has ballooned into one of the key economic factors of 2022. With rising global inflation and the so-called cost-of-living crisis dominating headlines, rising gas prices are front and centre for markets.


Crude Oil Price: Weak Growth & Energy Rationing

There has been a significant breakdown in crude oil prices this week. WTI crude fell below $90 while Brent is back under the psychologically and technically significant $100 level.


Oil giants turn to green technologies

The fight against climate change and government efforts to move towards green energy sources have brought green hydrogen technologies to the forefront. The war in Ukraine and Western efforts to accelerate ...


Oil price: SPR release and Iran deal to overcome Russian shortfall?

One of the key market themes of 2022 has been excessive volatility in oil markets with the war in Ukraine, a record SPR release, OPEC and a new Iran deal all active considerations.


Crises  bring opportunities in renewables

The recent geopolitical crisis and a likely ban on Russian oil and gas exports are bringing energy security back in focus. Governments have focused on promoting renewable energy ...


European LNG prices turn parabolic. What happened?

European liquid natural gas (LNG) prices are back at record highs over the threat of supply disruptions from Russia as the country sabre rattles with Ukraine and NATO.


COP26: closing gaps but not solving the problem

COP26 ended a week ago. While the world is still too slow reacting to climate change, we are making progress and changes are happening. What does it mean for investors?


How electricity could become a tradeable commodity

Could electricity become an easily tradeable commodity that countries could exchange in real time? Progress is being made towards building an EU grid that would eliminate geographical constraints and distribute energy around the continent. Here’s ...