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Bond markets could be pricing in too many hikes

The yield on 10-year Treasuries just struck a 2-year high and Fed funds futures are pricing a near certainty that the Fed hikes in March with more to follow from the Fed and other central banks in 2022. Is that too much?


The euro turns 20. What's next?

The euro turned 20 years old on January 1st, much to the relief of the citizens who adopted it, but to the surprise of some economists who’ve been predicting a euro break-up for years. So what’s next for the euro?

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MonthlyFlow - January 2022

The year has already started with a bang, so here is a look at the top 10 questions we have been getting for the coming 12 ...

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2021 in Review

Milestones and challenges that are likely to spill over into 2022


The spiral of supply chain bottlenecks

The pandemic-induced supply-chain shock is leaving us with a lot more economic pain than initially anticipated. The question now is: how long will it last? 


2021 IPOs: when more is less

700 newly added tickers to American public exchanges, $100B raised in Q1 2021 alone. While these records are challenging even those of 1996, sometimes, more is actually less.

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December MonthlyFlow - 2022 Outlook

Key takeaways for 2022:  Omicron does not change our outlook, for now Growth to stay solid & inflation higher for longer, but still “transitory” ...


Jerome Powell’s 2nd term: Fade the Hawks?

The reappointment of Fed Chair Jerome Powell sparked some unexpected volatility across markets, led by a jump in Treasury yields. But should we really expect Jay to be that hawkish?


Bitcoin misses a turn as an inflation hedge

Rising inflation around the world, low, or even negative returns, and the poor performance of gold over the past few months have led investors to look for alternatives to hedge inflation. With the inclusion of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies ...


Santa needs to hurry up!


WEEK AHEAD - Fed Meeting, BOE, RBA & US Jobs Report

A preview of the news, earnings, and economic data to expect in the week ahead. This week there is the all-important Fed meeting and monthly non-farm payrolls data - as well as interest rate decisions from the BOE and RBA.


Gold & Silver Outlook: Time for the Classic Inflation Hedge?

Inflation is rising across the globe and precious metals are renowned as a hedge against inflation. Nonetheless the Gold & Silver price action has been muted. What to do?


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