Market Insights


COP26: closing gaps but not solving the problem

COP26 ended a week ago. While the world is still too slow reacting to climate change, we are making progress and changes are happening. What does it mean for investors?


Carbon offsets and impact investing—what is the catch?

Everyone talks about carbon trading as the solution to our climate change problems. Our current solution—carbon offsets—works, but it’s imperfect, and our ESG efforts? They are faulty.


BHP is not pro ESG, it just has petroleum unit problems...

BHP buys itself a $5.7B dollar potash mine, and looks to rid itself of its oil-and-gas liabilities. The firm wants to go full-on mining and say goodbye to oil, but do not be fooled, this move is about efficiency, and not the ...


Top 5 ESG-tailored industrial companies

Looking for industrial firms that also check the ESG boxes? With major economies re-opening, cyclical industrial firms have been on investors’ radar lately, so why not pepper in some ESG winners, too? You won’t believe how ...


How Japan could spark up the global hydrogen market

Hydrogen was always dismissed for its high cost and inconvenience. But Japan could be the country that shakes the status quo, starting up a fire that might spark a movement on the entire planet. Here is the ...


Solving the plastic waste crisis: An ESG investment case

Plastic is one of the least loved materials because of its environment impact, and the EU is ramping up efforts to slowly get rid of its waste altogether. What is happening with plastic and what does it mean for investors?


ESG investing is getting trendier by the month

We have never seen more inflows towards ESG funds. Aside from ethics, is this a good trend for investors in terms of returns, and where is this trend going?


Earth Day: an opportunity to rethink your green investment strategy

Today is Earth Day, the day that we show our support to the protection of the environment. We thought you might want to celebrate by looking at how you could make your portfolio just a little greener! Actually, it is quite straightforward. ...


Carbon capture: why ESG investing and oil stocks are compatible

As more and more companies are pledging to reduce their carbon footprint, there is a new solution on the market: emulating trees in the air with a chemical reaction to capture carbon dioxide and ground it.


Are women better investors than men?

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. We explore how women invest, to which extent their strategy is different – and sometimes, better – on average than men. The world of finance is not solely at the hands of men anymore, and we are ...


Creating income from trees, without cutting them down

The goal: save the planet. The tools: biodiverse lands, blockchain, tokenization and a stock exchange for natural values. Single.Earth might be sowing the seeds of a revolution in the way we preserve nature.


Green bonds are the new cool: a glimpse into 2021

Green bonds are seeing an increasing popularity and investors should be ready for their arrival as policymakers are looking for ways to kick off a sustainable Corona recovery. So what are green bonds ?