144 days ago • Posted by Charles-Henry Monchau

Year-to-date change in MARKET VALUE of various asset classes shows a much different picture than the PERFORMANCE ranking

With a year-to-date performance of more than 200%, Bitcoin (BTC) is by very far the best performing asset in 2020, way ahead of equities, bonds and Gold.  But what is absolutely remarkable, is how small the change in the market value of bitcoin has been in order to generate such a huge return: as the stunning chart below shows, in a world that has seen the value of total bonds increase by $13.1 trillion and equities up by $11 trillion, bitcoin's amazing run took place as the market cap of bitcoin rose a paltry $0.3 trillion. Despite Bitcoin reaching an all-time high of $24k over the week-end, Gold at $12 trillion is about 27x greater than the market cap of bitcoin today - source: JP Morgan. 

Year-to-date change in market value across asset classes in $ trillion