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Is the Coinbase IPO a good investment?

The Coinbase IPO is the most exciting stock market event for cryptocurrency enthusiasts ever. BUT it faces challenges from regulation and competition. Could Coinbase be worth $100 billion ?

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Some major altcoins keep falling... will they ever rise again?

Amid the crypto market bull run, XRP, LTC and BCH are stagnant compared to Polkadot, Cardano and Binance Coin. Are these altcoins falling behind, and if so why?

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What are the main crypto asset-based products?

2020 saw the rise of cryptocurrency exchange traded products with assets rising to record levels. The ETP market exploded beyond $4 billion in total assets this year due to public awareness, regulatory easing, and celebrity promotion boosting prices. Learn about crypto asset products in this article.

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Microstrategy profits off bitcoin surge

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor made a wild bet—to invest heavily in Bitcoin—and it is paying off.

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How to buy Bitcoin & cryptocurrency through a Swiss Exchange Traded product (ETP)

If you are ready to make an investment into Bitcoin but would prefer to do so via a traditional investment vehicle, then this quick easy guide is for you.

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Cryptomania; behind the scenes of the crypto surge

A perspective on the potential dynamics behind the crypto asset surge we are seeing lately. If you are thinking about buying crypto assets yet know nothing about the crypto price surge, begin here.

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Investing perspective going into 2021

This year we experienced our first recession since the global meltdown of 2008, we radically changed our lifestyles, we confined, we lost our jobs, we saw dislocating economies, an e-commerce boom, a bitcoin bandwagon, nearly 2 million deaths related to the covid-19 pandemic. What's next? 

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Crypto Art World; the rise of Non-Fungible-Tokens

Life is increasingly happening online. The world wide web is where you communicate, it is where you shop, and order food. It is the place where you can get entertained and learn new skills. Today, you can even buy digital art. But how does it work exactly?

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Coinbase crypto platform files for IPO

Coinbase is the firm behind the crypto currency craze. Its crypto exchange platform wants to take over as the market of the future for cryptos, and its IPO is one of the most anticipated fillings of 2021 considering the surge in Bitcoin prices.

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What is Bitcoin?

If ‘Bitcoin’ is popping up your newsfeed again recently, and you would like to have an overview of what it is, this article is for you.

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Bitcoin price moves above $12,000 as Hash Rate reaches a new peak

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin’s price rise has been controversial across mainstream media and the majority of professional investors.