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Big payouts from investing in unloved stocks could soon dry up

Some hedge funds have come away with big profits by focusing on the least-loved part of the equity market. What does this strategy look like and how can you implement it in your own trading ideas?


The 7 deadly investment sins !

The setbacks of the Archegos Capital fund remind us that some management mistakes can be fatal--especially when they are cumulative.

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The case for high conviction portfolios

While most managers tend to over-diversify their portfolios to preserve their assets, high conviction portfolio management with a limited number of positions has its virtues.


Investing in stocks [video]

Stocks, otherwise known as equities or shares are a certificate representing partial ownership of a company. By owning a share of the company, you stand to financially benefit when the company does well or suffer financially when it does badly.


Space Investing with Catherine Wood's new Space ETF, ARKX

Space is cold, but space investing is sizzling hot! Learn more about Catherine Wood's new Space ETF, and the space economy.

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The Value Investing Method

We know Warren Buffett is a well-known value investor, but what does value investing really mean? Regardless of your financial background, here is a straight forward summary of this investment method. 


How to invest in Gold & Silver Mining Stocks

Gold and Silver have been soaring over the last few months as investors are seeing the precious metals as the best way to play the massive monetary stimulus which is currently implemented by central banks. A related instrument to consider within the precious metals space is the Gold & Silver Mining equity sector. Here’s why.


7 tips for trading vs investing from home

Everybody is having to make big adjustments to their lives because of remote working. Luckily trading and investing are very suited to working from home!