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What is fundamental analysis?

The aim of fundamental analysis is to try to ascertain whether the asset is under or overvalued from an investors point of view.

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Breakdowns: A trade entry technique for market declines

Many will be familiar with ‘Breakouts’ a popular trade entry technique during rising markets. Now we address ‘breakdowns’ for use in a market decline.

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What is a trading plan?

Traders like boy scouts must Be Prepared! This blog aims to explain why traders need a ‘Trading Plan’ - to define goals and set out how to achieve them.


7 great books every investor should read

While there are many blogs and news to read from in order to inform oneself about the latest cutting-edge investing strategies, it is always interesting to solidify one’s basics and general knowledge with a great book.

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What are the different trading styles?

To achieve success as a trader, it is essential to find a trading style that suits you, which starts with deciding from the 4 principal types of trader.

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Apple product launch (Sept 15) and what it means for Apple stock

Apple has named the product launch on September 15 “Time Flies” - suggesting the Apple Watch will be the main event - not a delayed iPhone 12.

Philosophy   losses on the stock market

How to deal with losses on the stock market

 “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

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EU legal action against the UK - EURGBP spike

This latest round of Brexit talks conclude today and UK GDP is released so a standout market to watch is the euro-pound exchange rate which has jumped to 5-month highs.

5 tips to maintain investing and trading discipline

Maintaining trading discipline in anything is hard. This is especially true in trading and investing so we’ve produced these 5 handy tips to help get you there.

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Tesla stock crash & new UK Brexit bill

The agenda today is the crash in tech stocks especially Tesla, which had its biggest 1-day drop ever and Brexit as the UK introduces an 'Internal markets bill'.

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What is swing trading?

What swing trading is, how to use it in trending and range-bound markets, 2 swing trading strategy examples and personality-types it is best suited to.

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Dollar rebound, ISM Services PMI & Broadcom earnings

For the day ahead in markets I’ll be focused on the release of global service sector PMIs, weekly US jobless claims data and earnings from Broadcom and Campbell Soup.