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Beginners guide to trading stocks CFDs

Trading CFDs is a popular way to trade stocks and shares including popular companies like UBS and Facebook listed on global stock exchanges.

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China currency spikes in prep for Biden win – MARKETS

China's currency jumped by the most since 2016, Rolls Royce stock has doubled this week while oil prices rise more on Norwegian strikes.

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What is a guaranteed stop loss?

A successful trader must know the best time - and best method for exiting a trade. A guaranteed stop loss is a useful method in some circumstances.

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Pros and cons of trading CFDs

Weighing up the use of Contracts for Difference (CFDs) as a means to trade stocks, forex, crypto and commodities markets versus traditional financial instruments.

Forex   Technical Analysis

3 smart ways to set profit targets

Learning how to wisely manage and exit trades is critical to trading success.


Palantir IPO & Presidential debate

For the day ahead, I’ll be watching out for the Palantir IPO, Micron Technologies earnings and the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

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What does the Trump vs. Biden presidential debate mean for markets?

Who’s the favourite to win? Does the presidential debate even matter? Who’s the investor favourite - Trump or Biden and how will markets react? 


When to sell your shares on the stock market

Choosing the shares you would like to buy is the first step of a successful journey on the stock market, but choosing when to sell might be even more sensitive. This article aims to give you the tools you need to carefully consider this decision.

Technical Analysis

Moving a stop-loss to protect profits in winning trades

Once a trader has executed a trade, and it becomes profitable, the primary goal is to keep as much of the profit as possible and avoid it becoming a loss.


September PMIs to show ‘plateau’

It's the first set of September PMIs from across the Eurozone, UK and the US as well as the RBNZ rate decision and another testimony from Fed Chair Powell.

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What is financial leverage?

Financial Leverage enables traders to control market positions that are much larger than their initial investment.


5 highly traded entertainment stocks

Entertainment is more important than ever in the COVID era and evidence suggests a new influx of retail investors are trading the companies that are keeping them entertained.