Market Insights


US Session Brief: NASDAQ, Gold, EUR/USD, and Eyes on US CPI.

As the trading session unfolds on March 11, 2024, market participants turn their gaze towards key financial instruments, namely NASDAQ, Gold, and EUR/USD, to decipher the undercurrents shaping the day's trading ...


US Session Brief for March 5, 2024: Insights on NASDAQ, EUR/USD, and Gold

On Tuesday, the US Dollar Index has seen a slight increase, reaching $103.880, up by 0.05%, hinting at cautious optimism in the currency market.


Star Power Economics: The Market Impact of Celebrity Endorsements

This is an exploration of how star-studded endorsements not only elevate brand images but can also sway stock market dynamics.


5 Biggest Themes to Watch in 2024

As we move into 2024, many big themes emerge across the investing world alongside major world events including the US Presidential Election.


Nike (NKE) stock

Stumped by Nike Inc.'s stock fluctuations? Unpack the trends, opportunities, and risks with our in-depth analysis of the famous sneaker company’s latest earnings and future prospects.


Will Barbie’s success be good for Mattel Stock?

Toymaker monolith Mattel’s (MAT) stock is up nearly 20% since January, but this may not be a one-off but ...


Will inflation continue to slow after summer?

Slowing inflation after the summer would be good for the cost of living but might be a bad omen for a recession.


Assessing the 2022 fiscal cliff

Risk assets have been rocked by the prospects of tighter monetary policy, but is the risk of a fiscal cliff just as big – or bigger?


Greenback on track

After retreating in October, the US dollar could see renewed support from rising real yields and stronger US growth. Yes, supply chains and inflation continue to put a damper on the horizon, but we wouldn’t ...


Global markets ‘’quick take’’ as we enter Q4

We end Q3 this week and prepare for Q4 by looking at the current macro markets—there is a lot of reshuffling happening around energy and industrials. Countries want to control supply chain led inflation—especially China—and ...


Is the time right to invest in U.S. bank stocks?

Revenues fell slightly while profits rose. Trading revenues were surprisingly lower, loan growth too, but fees on M&A and underwriting soared. Q2 was a mixed bag for banks, but the future relies on a recovery. Here is what you should know ...


US earnings season: key takeaways

First quarter earnings season for US companies has just ended. What are the main lessons to be learned for the coming quarters?