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WallStreetBets is the recipe for a decentralised hedge fund

Recent market activity shows there has been a shift in power in financial markets for the first time from powerful institutions towards individuals. A new model of hedge fund could be the next step


Apple shines with its biggest quarterly earnings ever

Apple reported amazing Q4 earnings, giving us a better idea about which direction they are taking to keep growing and bring value to their customers.

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10 most-shorted stocks in Europe get GameStop fever

The massive short squeeze in some small cap American companies is spreading to Europe, with potentially bigger moves to come.

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Hedge funds covering shorts might need to sell other stocks next

If hedge funds want to offset losses from going short stocks as well as reduce exposure in markets, they may sell other stocks and cause a market correction.


Psychedelic stocks that will make your head spin

If we told you that psychedelic drugs might well make a great investment for the next ten years, we could already imagine the funny look you are giving us. However, things are moving, and this catchy title was no clickbait: psychedelic drug companies are entering the market "en masse", and we should not underestimate their growth potential.


Small cap funds see big returns! See which ones

Small caps had a great run in 2020. Because the underlying companies are closely knit with their domestic economies, we could expect more of the same going into 2021 assuming we see a steady recovery.

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What is a short squeeze? GameStop example

There's been an explosion of activity in the most shorted stocks caused by short-sellers being forced to cover in a short squeeze. What is a short squeeze?

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Two types of cult stocks and why these can go up the roof

Fuel Cell Energy and Plug Power both went up 500% in the past 6 months, despite mediocre earnings and negative profits. How can the market allow this and what are the outcomes to expect in the long term?


Trucking stocks in 2021: profits on the road?

We often talk about the e-commerce surge with people buying even more goods since less money can be spent on services. Let us not forget about one element of the supply chain making all of this possible: transport, and more specifically, trucking companies.


5 Hong Kong stocks to know as investors rush into the Hang Seng Index

Today the Hang Seng Index jumped to 30,135 points as traders and funds begin to rush into the index. Will the HSI surpass its previous January 2018 high of 33,223?


Online dating app : table is set for a bumble IPO

The advent of social media has changed the way we meet and has brought the dating world directly to our fingertips. We explore how Bumble is monetizing relationships through its mobile apps and navigating its competitive industry.


Top 5 investing trends that came out of CES 2021

CES is short for Consumer Technology Association. Held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada, the event hosts presentations of the new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry.


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ETH climbs 10% as bullish sentiment comes back