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ARK in a Bear Market: Buy the Disruptive Innovation Dip?

Cathie Wood will be feeling the heat as her wildly successful ARK Innovation ETF extends its year-long rough patch. Is it time to BTD?


New Opportunities in Nuclear Fusion

In the aftermath of COP26 and with sustainable development an evermore important criteria for big investors, nuclear fusion offers a different way to invest in renewable energy.

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Are women better money managers than men?

In this article, we will explore the relationship of women with their money and how it is sometimes rather different than men. For a long time, the canon was to leave the finances in the hands of men, but if we look ...


Divide to conquer with conglomerate divorces

Running large, diversified conglomerate companies may become a thing of the past. Splits and spin-offs are allowing large firms to better focus on single markets, and now, more and more businesses are doing it.


The metaverse: from idea to realization

The metaverse has been part of the literary and entertainment canon for thirty years. Today, we are approaching its realization. What are the prospects of such a vast project?


Investing in Japan: New Prime Minister, New Opportunity?

Investing in Japan has been difficult at best in the years after the Asian financial crisis but multi-year highs in Japanese stock indices and a new Prime Minister suggest newfound optimism.


What valuations are telling us

Earnings are beating expectations, indices are setting new highs, and there are tech IPOs everywhere. Are valuation levels speculative, or is this just the new normal?


What is a car company doing in the trillion-dollar club?

After its largest one-time sales contract, thanks to Hertz, Tesla’s market capitalization crossed the trillion dollar threshold. How can a car company that makes 1% of the market’s sales be worth more than the 9 other largest automakers ...


WEEK AHEAD - Fed Meeting, BOE, RBA & US Jobs Report

A preview of the news, earnings, and economic data to expect in the week ahead. This week there is the all-important Fed meeting and monthly non-farm payrolls data - as well as interest rate decisions from the BOE and RBA.


How electricity could become a tradeable commodity

Could electricity become an easily tradeable commodity that countries could exchange in real time? Progress is being made towards building an EU grid that would eliminate geographical constraints and distribute energy around the continent. Here’s ...


WEEK AHEAD - Tech earnings plus BOJ & ECB meeting

A preview of the news, earnings, and economic data to expect in the week ahead. This week there are earnings from Big tech including the likes of Apple and Facebook (Metaverse!?) - as well as interest rate decisions from the ECB and BOJ - and US ...


Facebook Earnings: Whistle-blowers and Outages out, Metaverse in

Changes are afoot before Facebook earnings are reported on Monday October 25th after the close on Wall Street. Will Q3 results and the Metaverse rebrand enable investors to look past recent difficulties?


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