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5 mega trends to know about going into 2021

Want to enhance your long term position? Here are the main trends you should keep in mind in 2021.

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How will Artificial Intelligence change your lifestyle

Artificial intelligence–or AI–is a fantastic technology which will revolutionize products and services, in the most disruptive way since the internet. Let us explore what AI is, and how it will change your lifestyle. 

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5G technology series: 7 decent 5G stocks you might want to consider

With the 5G technology getting ever more ready, it would be worth looking at which stock might be good to own in order to be ready to capture the benefits of its advent. Here are some ideas if you don't know anything about the 5G market. 

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Alphabet’s robots take care of plants – better than we do

The question was: “what if every single plant could be monitored and given exactly the nutrition it needed?” Well, looks like if this is the case, great things could happen. Here’s why.

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Cars can finally drive themselves: Waymo ahead of everyone

The Alphabet-owned autonomous car company Waymo recently started to experiment with driverless cars, opening the service to actual clients for the first time.

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Microsoft: a step ahead in the artificial intelligence game

Microsoft recently announced that they would have full exclusive access to OpenAI’s new language: GPT-3.