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The only clear Paytm direction is down

India’s largest payments company just went public – in this year’s biggest IPO for the country – and immediately tumbled 26%.


The metaverse: from idea to realization

The metaverse has been part of the literary and entertainment canon for thirty years. Today, we are approaching its realization. What are the prospects of such a vast project?


Chinese crackdown: is it over? Is it time to buy the dip?

Chinese stocks fell this year, following a massive regulatory crackdown across most sectors. Is the storm over or are we in for a long period of low returns?


What valuations are telling us

Earnings are beating expectations, indices are setting new highs, and there are tech IPOs everywhere. Are valuation levels speculative, or is this just the new normal?


What is a car company doing in the trillion-dollar club?

After its largest one-time sales contract, thanks to Hertz, Tesla’s market capitalization crossed the trillion dollar threshold. How can a car company that makes 1% of the market’s sales be worth more than the 9 other largest automakers ...


Social media, the new golden goose

Companies want to skip ahead, and tap customers earlier on in the shopping process via social media audiences. Will this drive more social media M&A?


Facebook Earnings: Whistle-blowers and Outages out, Metaverse in

Changes are afoot before Facebook earnings are reported on Monday October 25th after the close on Wall Street. Will Q3 results and the Metaverse rebrand enable investors to look past recent difficulties?


Why online lenders underperform market debuts

While we have seen a recent uptick in fintech stock performances for some, underperformance has been a common thread amongst online lenders in the past. Which fintech group merits your ...


The top 10 uses of blockchain technology

Surprise surprise, blockchain is not only about going all in on Dogecoin for a 500% profit or loosing all your life savings to CryptoKitties. There is more to it, far more to it.


Share buy-backs: what it is and why Microsoft does it

When a company buys its own stock it is called a share buyback program. How does it work and why are companies like Microsoft doing it?


About the fintech-banking convergence...

Have banks become one with fintech, or has fintech become the new status quo? Evidence suggests the latter, but the picture ...


CipherTrace: crypto data monetization wheels for Mastercard.

Mastercard plans for an open banking future where crypto payment transaction data may just equate to corporate survival.


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