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Top 5 investing trends that came out of CES 2021

CES is short for Consumer Technology Association. Held every January in Las Vegas, Nevada, the event hosts presentations of the new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry.


Semiconductor's shortage and the impact on car manufacturing

Chip demand is so high right now that many car companies have had to slow down or even halt production. This is really bad news for an industry on the mend. Why can't we build more chips?


Israel's Playtika is 2021's biggest IPO. Will you be buying?

International diversification matters in asset allocation, and doing so in one of the world's most innovative start-up hubs, Israel, is now an option with the upcoming Playtika IPO. This Friday, the online mobile gaming company was listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol PLTK for what is a $1.88 billion raise. The company's business operations and risks are explored in this article:


Nothing can stop Cellnex, the M&A machine

Since 2015 Cellnex has been buying every standing telecom tower until it owned a fifth of the entire telecom real estate. What is the reason for such a fast success and what does the future look like?


Student loan pioneer SoFi IPO through SPAC

Based in San Francisco, SoFi is a leading online lending platform founded in 2011 to tackle the U.S. Student debt crisis through student loan refinancing. In 2011, the average American student had $26,600 in loans, and today the national debt has surpassed the $1.6 trillion mark. SoFi grew into a giant through the innovative marketing and financial practices explored in this article. 

TechnologySocial Media

Twitter moves into the Podcast Scene with Twitter Spaces

Podcasts have grown in popularity over the past few years and companies like Spotify quickly saw the business opportunity they represented. However, it was always one-way talk and Twitter is about to challenge this.


Roku the streaming and advertising godfather

Roku is a key player in the video streaming services market. They offer users a way to access various apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video through their device, and they monetize subscriptions through advertising cash flows. 


The Green Rush could be led by GE's monster wind turbine

They are so big that they are hard to photograph. GE has developed the most powerful and enormous wind turbine on the planet. What are they and how can they help GE gain their honor back?

TechnologyE-commerceFintech the service to unleash innovation with connected payment

The service is an easy to install API allowing most payment methods to be used on your platform, along with many extra features for lower fees, better execution and detailed data. What's the story of the company and how are they different from the likes of Stripe?


Upstart IPO and the online lending space

San Francisco is the mecca of online lending, and so it is no wonder that we are seeing Upstart successfully raising cash in the public markets. Upstart is the FinTech company leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to improve consumer access to credit.

TechnologyArtificial Intelligence

How will Artificial Intelligence change your lifestyle

Artificial intelligence–or AI–is a fantastic technology which will revolutionize products and services, in the most disruptive way since the internet. Let us explore what AI is, and how it will change your lifestyle. 


Apple is moving forward with its car plan

Apple is also planning to launch its own fleet of EVs. After having revolutionized the smartphone and computer experience, will they be able to perform new miracles on the road?


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