Market Insights


Tokenized shares: a new era for trading?

It is now possible to trade stocks like Tesla on a cryptocurrency exchange. Traditional finance needs a response.


Bitcoin futures: the contango of a lifetime?

A cash and carry arbitrage strategy applied to bitcoin futures offers annualized returns of at least 25%. Is this anomaly sustainable?


Bitcoin momentum embargoed as Turkey bans crypto transfers!

After banning PayPal in 2016, could Turkey target Bitcoin next? With fears of funds escaping the country and hurting the Lira, Erdogan chose to put a halt to the emerging crypto asset class. What does a ...


What Gary Gensler’s SEC appointment means for crypto

Gary Gensler, MIT fintech professor, long time regulator and ex-banker, was appointed SEC chairman by the Senate. While he is a proponent of financial innovation, he will seek to re-shape regulation before ...


How Plan B predicted the $55,000 BTC breakaway years ago

Two years ago today, a mysterious Dutch investor by the name of Plan B, published a study modeling the value of


Binance Coin: the reasons behind a dream bull run

An increasing number of crypto analysts explore the possibilities of Binance Coin (BNB) beating Ethereum (ETH) to the second position for cryptocurrencies. Why is this not so unlikely to happen?


Is the Coinbase IPO a good investment?

The Coinbase IPO is the most exciting stock market event for cryptocurrency enthusiasts ever. BUT it faces challenges from regulation and ...


Some major altcoins keep falling... will they ever rise again?

Amid the crypto market bull run, XRP, LTC and BCH are stagnant compared to Polkadot, Cardano and Binance Coin. Are these altcoins falling behind, and if so why?


What is happening with state backed crypto currencies ?

The current payment system is plagued with issues: slow processing; unfavorable storing needs; ambiguous traceability; high fees; and fraud. Cryptos solve such problems, and potentially offer more market efficiency, but implementation is ...

CryptoTechnologyFuture Series

Why mobile wallets disrupt transactions

Current estimates show that by 2025, more than half of global payments will be done digitally i.e. cash is under threat and plastic cards are becoming obsolete. China leads the way to the light, while ‘‘developed nations’’ cling on to old habits ...


Creating income from trees, without cutting them down

The goal: save the planet. The tools: biodiverse lands, blockchain, tokenization and a stock exchange for natural values. Single.Earth might be sowing the seeds of a revolution in the way we preserve nature.


Microstrategy profits off bitcoin surge

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor made a wild bet—to invest heavily in Bitcoin—and it is paying off.