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Which US election result is best for gold?

Gold has had a rock-solid year (pun intended!). It has far outperformed nearly every asset class this year. But under which president will gold fair best?


Presidential debate to set the tone - DAY AHEAD

The day ahead will see the reaction to the second and final US presidential debate as well as the release of October PMIs and Q3 earnings from British bank Barclays.


5 wildcards that could upend the US election

Some wildcards that could swing the US election result either towards a Biden landslide or open it up to another miracle Trump turnaround.


Stocks snap lower after Trump ends stimulus talks - DAY AHEAD

It was very much a day of two halves thanks to a late announcement from - you guessed it - President Donald Trump.


VP debate: More important for markets after Trump gets COVID

Donald Trump catching the coronavirus means the vice presidential debate takes on new importance for financial markets.


2020 US Election: Market implications of Trump & Biden policies

There is no guarantee the presidential candidates will honour pre-election promises but we can make some educated guesses on possible market impact.

20 September 2020

Trump approves TikTok deal & Superdry earnings

For the day ahead there is the reaction to President Donald Trump approving the TikTok Oracle deal, a speech from Jay Powell and earnings from Superdry.


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