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Swiss Stocks: record high for the SMI could just be the beginning

A newfound interest in defensive growth stocks has contributed, among other things, to a soaring Swiss Market Index (SMI). The SMI is a quality stocks trade, with potential for a softer swiss franc to juice the gains assuming a full-fledged economic recovery.

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The Swiss Series: MindMaze treats neurological conditions with video games

You may have heard about it because it is Swiss or backed by Leonardo DiCaprio. MindMaze offers a revolutionary way to treat patients with neurological conditions, with the help of videogame software. And it seems to be working very well.

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Swiss Stocks: Novartis the big pharma behemoth

While the Swiss are known for their chocolate, watches and ski resorts, 30% of the country’s exports are pharmaceuticals products. Novartis was recently in the news surrounding its involvement in the COVID-19 vaccine, so we thought we would explore the company.

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Swiss Stocks: Hearing the world with Sonova Holding

Sonova Holding is one of the leading providers of hearing aids, a solution to the growing, worldwide concern of hearing loss and one of the main healthcare Swiss stocks. What does the company stand for, and does it make an interesting investment?

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Swiss Stocks: Logitech gains during pandemic

Logitech is the swiss giant making your computer peripherals. They have seen an upswing in sales because of work from home mandates, and are full throttle on the esports future. 

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Swiss Stocks: Zur Rose and their new healthcare platform

Zur Rose is developing its own, fully-integrated healthcare platform for user's convenience. Insurances, doctors and pharmacies: all in one place for the best patient experience.

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The Swiss Series: "On" offers shoes you can’t buy

The Swiss shoes manufacturer introduced a subscription model for its new running shoes in order to ensure that the pair goes back to the company and that the recycling loop actually works.

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Swiss Stocks: Dufry joins forces with Alibaba

Swiss travel retailer Dufry and Chinese e-commerce titan Alibaba have agreed to form a Joint Venture in China to resist to the hard hit the business took this year.


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