Charles-Henry Monchau

Charles-Henry Monchau

Charles-Henry Monchau is CIO and CCO at Flowbank where he brings 25 years of international experience in multi-asset investing. Before joining, Charles-Henry held senior roles at Dubai Investments (CIO), Deutsche bank (Head of Asset Allocation EMEA), EFG Bank (CIO Europe), Rothschild Bank AG in Zurich, Lombard Odier (Geneva and Paris) and BNP Paribas (Geneva and Nassau). He was also an adjunct professor in Finance at the IUG and HES Kalaidos both in Geneva. Charles has an Executive MBA from Instituto di Empresa (Madrid & Shanghai), a MSc in Finance from HEC Geneva and graduated from MIT Sloan (Blockchain technologies), London School of Economics (Real Estate) and Oxford Said (Venture Capital). He is also a CFA, CMT, CAIA and CIIA charterholder.


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