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A put-call ratio equal to dotcom bubble screams sell stocks! Should we listen?

The put/call ratio, a favourite contrarian indicator of options market sentiment is showing the most bullishness in 20 years. Is a big market correction coming or is this time different?

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COVID vaccines are party-poopers for gold

Since the the news of effective COVID vaccines, the price of gold has plummeted for 3 weeks in a row to hit a 4-month low. Is this the end of the party for gold?


Tide turns for Turkish lira after interest rates yanked to 15% #USDTRY

The Turkish lira is starting to reverse a multi-year slump after the newly-installed central bank governor just hiked interest rates to a massive 15%.

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Tesla stock pops on S&P 500 index inclusion- sell the news?

A group of Tesla investors have been buying TSLA stock for months in anticipation of S&P 500 inclusion. Now it’s happened, will they unload the stock?

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Playing the reflation trade through the Kiwi dollar

The New Zealand dollar - affectionately known as the kiwi - just hit its highest level since March 2019. The currency stands to benefit from the 'reflation trade'.  

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Hedge fund repeats CDS trade that netted $2.6 billion in March

Billionaire Bill Ackman the founder of hedge fund Pershing Square Capital has put on another big trade betting against corporate credit markets. What has he done?

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Learn about the Gyroscopic Investing Desert Portfolio

The ‘Desert Portfolio’ hails from the Gyroscopic investing forum – and is so simple and cost-effective with a history of steady returns and minimal drawdown that it can be used by everyday investors.

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No pre-earnings delirium for Tesla - DAY AHEAD

The day ahead sees earnings from EV carmaker and options trading favourite Tesla and the UK reports inflation stats as EU/UK trade negotiations stall.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis: 6x charts of the week (Oct. 16)

An updated weekly analysis of the price action across stock indices, forex, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

Stocks   Technical Analysis

Why a stock goes up after earnings - and how to trade it

We lay out the four most important metrics you need to understand about a stock earnings report and then a technique for trading the stock once you know them.

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Chinese stocks hit record value. How to play it with China ETFs & ADRs

Chinese markets have been on a tear. We discuss what it has to do with Joe Biden and list some examples of China stocks to trade.

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis: 6x charts of the week

An updated weekly analysis of the price action across stock indices, forex and commodities.