5 Biggest Themes to Watch in 2024

As we move into 2024, many big themes emerge across the investing world alongside major world events including the US Presidential Election.


1. AI Arms Race: Another chapter in AI’s struggle to dominate the world


OpenAI, driven by its Microsoft partnership, has positioned itself as the AI frontrunner and 2024 will be a significant year. Nevertheless, Google and Meta are also gaining traction with their artificial intelligence programs. 


The major issue is whether or not these global tech firms can catch up with OpenAI or even overtake it. This fight is not just about technology supremacy but also includes regulation, ethics, and privacy of AI. The Artificial Intelligence market is highly dynamic and that makes it very essential to monitor for investors and industry players.


2. EV Rivalry: The Emerging Competitors


Tesla’s record-breaking deliveries in 2023 set a high bar for the electric vehicle (EV) sector. However, BYD, a major Chinese EV manufacturer may emerge more assertively in 2024 as a global player. 


Beyond these two companies, there is an impending rivalry among traditional automakers and new entrants who are all heavily investing in EVs. Key watchpoints include battery innovations, government support of EV uptake efforts as well as charging infrastructure expansion. 


3. Wall Street Records: Is it a continuation of Bull Run?


US stock indices surprised many investors when they ended 2023 with impressive gains. Investors are now waiting to see if this bull market will continue into 2024. Some key issues that will impact market direction include the risk of recession, corporation earnings growth trends and geopolitical moves among others. 


Additionally, technology stocks particularly FAANG shares will be closely followed due to their potential influence on other sectors’ overall performance. 


4. Swiss Franc: SNB’s Next steps


The Swiss National Bank (SNB) will encounter a crucial decision in 2024 as the Federal Reserve lowers rates as anticipated. The movement of the Swiss Franc which has always been known as a safe haven currency will be significantly influenced by the subsequent response of the SNB. The SNB’s monetary policies shall be analyzed against the backdrop of global economic trends and inflationary pressures, among other things, by investors and analysts. As such, this has far reaching implications for Switzerland’s economy, global trade and investment flows hence an important area to watch for global investors.


5. Golden Age for Gold: Can it continue?


After Gold hit an all-time high in 2023, it is reasonable to question whether this positive trend shall persist until 2024. This precious metal’s performance is related to worldwide economic uncertainties, inflation rates and currency fluctuations notably the US dollar. 


There are different opinions within the investment community; some view gold as a timeless haven while others believe that they have seen its peak already. The crux of this argument rests on factors like central banks’ policies on money, geopolitical agitations or just changes in digital currencies use. From this perspective, gold’s trajectory in 2024 would provide significant evidence regarding overall market sentiment towards conventional vis-à-vis emerging asset types


EXTRA: Not forgetting the US Presidential Election


The 2024 US Presidential Election is a momentous occasion, not just for the United States but for world markets also. Investors usually face uncertainties and volatilities during presidential elections as they try to predict how new policies and leadership styles would affect the economy and international relations. 


These elections in 2024 are likely to be dominated by issues such as economic recovery strategies, trade policies, healthcare, climate change and regulation of technology and financial markets. Therefore, depending on their candidates’ programs, investor sentiment, stock market’s direction and the greenbacks’ strength could be changed markedly by this election.


Moreover, foreign policy stances will be watched closely most importantly about the China-US trade relations with Europe as well as other major economies. Thus as elections nears, analysts will keep an eye on market polls and political pledges so that they can find out what might come out of them in relation to different global sectors and markets. 


The election will add an extra layer of complexity to an already dynamic year, which makes 2024 a vital period for investors across the globe.