William Ramstein

William Ramstein

From San Francisco, William worked for Figure Technologies' capital markets blockchain trading platform, Lending Club's ABS structuring team, SoFi's BD team and Yodlee as a Sales analyst.

Air Travel

Is the commercial air travel industry about to take off?

Commercial air travel can recover as we exit the pandemic and as consumers begin allocating savings towards post-covid vacations. We wonder—is the recovery already priced into air travel stocks, or is there more upside than meets the eye?

Ageing Populations

How to invest in the ageing population theme

How to invest in the ageing population trend. By 2050, the median age will be 36 which in 1810, was the life expectancy in France. This sort of progress in health care shifts socio-economic dynamics and affects your portfolio. Find out how in this article.

Online Learning

Why Coursera’s public debut is riling up markets

Coursera is a massive open online course (‘’MOOC’’) provider hosting more than 150 universities and 4,000 courses. The firm saw great growth during the pandemic and its public debut has got investors excited.


How Biden’s $2T infrastructure deal affects your portfolio

Staying on top of the $2 trillion plan is important from an investment standpoint as flows of funds dictate market climates. How might the higher taxes affect equities and thus, your portfolio?


Billionaire Austin Russell’s LiDAR firm Luminar threatens Tesla

Luminar Technologies  is a LiDAR company that tells two inspiring stories: the making of a young Billionaire and enabling cars to ‘‘see’’ their surroundings.

Hedge Funds

Archegos' firesale pounds prime brokers, raises red flags

What happens when one is highly leveraged, trading on swaps, and a sell-off occurs? This story explores the recent $30 billion firesale that Archegos Capital Management suffered.

Clean Energy

At the heart of the energy transition: Technip Energies

The world has begun moving towards more sustainable ways of producing energy and companies like Technip Energies are the enablers of a successful energy transition revolution.


The amazon-ification of car buying

With the shopping world now online, it is likely that your next car will be bought or sold via an online auto retailer. The trend has been amplified by the pandemic, but was already in the works years before. Learn about this trend and how to capitalize on it:


How Ubisoft could see a share price revival

Ubisoft stock could be about to experience tailwinds from new console releases, network effects from a boom during covid its new ownership of Star Wars games.


Will pent-up demand create a price surge in wine stocks?

It is entirely possible for wine stocks to see a boost in trading volumes as wineries continue migrating to higher traffic e-commerce streams, and more lucrative off-premise channels. Read this piece to learn about investing in wine stocks.


Why a Sports ETF could make sense right now

With the world soon to re-open, stadiums could quickly find themselves filled and the world of sports re-invigorated. Roundhill Investment wants to capitalize on this tailwind with its new Roundhill Pro Sports, Media & Apparel ETF (MVP).


How Chainlink makes blockchain smart contracts... smarter!

Blockchains add value with highly secure protocols, but in order to improve them an expansion on smart contract closed-end systems is needed. While this expansion introduces new problems, Chainlink is here to offer a solution.